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DEI Evidence from Communities in Schools

Launching Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Process was developed by Interaction Institute for Social Change with direction from CIS for use in the CIS Network of affiliates across the country.

This workbook, created in 2020, helps CIS affiliates fully transform schools toward Marxist ideology creating social change in the teachers, administrators, children and community.

The following slides are from the DEI & LGBTQ+ training which teaches subjective truth rather than objective truth. This topic should only be taught by parents from their own worldview and not a secular worldview at school. CLICK THE IMAGE FOR THE TRAINING SLIDES

This is ONE page of a DEI Staff Self Assessment. Note that the goal is to "move schools into fully integrating DEI principles." CLICK THE IMAGE TO ACCESS THE ENTIRE ASSESSMENT.

Christian Privilege is a resource used in the "Beads of Privilege" training conducted by the affiliate, CIS-South Central Texas.

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Unknown member
Jun 02, 2023

You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about, CIS helps everyone regardless of who you are or believe. There are a lot of right leaning Christian’s in CIS me included; Who have never felt unwanted or guilt tripped because of who we are. Trust me when I say this CIS has saved so many lives, mine included it would break your heart. Go to an event and see for yourself who and what CIS is.

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